TFS, The Fluids Specialists, was formed to offer operators an increased and more flexible range of options for managing both the technical and commercial performance of their drilling fluids and related services and service providers.  Our unique range of services are designed to increase the overall project value derived from drilling fluids and associated services.

Drilling Fluids, Drilling Waste Management and their associated services are always a significant expense in the well construction process and these services are also capable of delivering value many times their costs.

TFS ensure that maximum value is brought to a project by focusing on three key areas:

  • Independent and scalable technical and business management support;
  • Independent laboratory services and QA/QC programs;
  • Technical and business intelligence software and data management

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We are flexible and can offer any permutation of the above services and we will advise on which are the most relevant and cost effective for each project.

The Fluids Specialists (TFS) was formed in 2017 by Stuart Cavens and Paul Tipton to provide an enhanced range of specialist support for  drilling fluids, drilling waste management and associated services

Three main areas of focus:


TFS – Independent Technical and Business Management


TFS Labs – Independent Laboratory & QA/QC Services


TFS Data – Data aggregation , management and performance analysis
Unique Fluids Advisor Software

The Fluids Specialists SDN. BHD.
Registration No.  202001036914 (1393235-H)