Management of Drilling Fluids, Completion Fluids, Drilling Waste Management and Associated Services

Contract Strategy and Management

One of the earliest opportunities to influence the performance of a project is in the contracting and procurement phase. Correct vendor selection and contract structure facilitates industry leading performance as does ongoing contract management.

TFS can assist in all areas of contract strategy, vendor selection and contract management and review. We specialize in contract content, tender writing and evaluation and contractor performance reviews.

Technical and Operations Management

TFS have experience in all types of operations with particular emphasis on HT-HP, ERD and Deepwater projects. We offer a full range of services including:

  • Detailed well planning
  • Drilling fluids systems design and evaluation
  • Rig design, specification, selection and audit
  • Equipment specification, selection and system design
  • Specialized pre project studies including:
    Wellbore Stability
    Formation damage and drill-in fluids design
    Wellbore strengthening
    ECD, hydraulics and drillability studies for ERD wells
  • Environmental compliance, strategy and waste management plans
  • Key Performance Indicators- design, benchmarking, and continuous monitoring
  • Post well and/or project review, performance analysis and lessons learned
  • Quality assurance programs
  • Contract and project specific HSE plans

Services Offered

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Tender Preparation and Evaluation


Rig and LMP Audit/Survey

Contract Management




Technical Support and Performance Monitoring


Data management and analysis


Provision of office based and well site personnel


Formation damage and drilling fluids design studies


Even the most comprehensive strategies require competent and motivated personnel in order to be correctly implemented. Personnel competency is perhaps the most critical component of a successful project and consequently this is a key area of focus for TFS.

Provision of key personnel

  • Drilling Fluids Advisors/Specialists either full time of part time as required
  • Field Specialists, highly competent Drilling Fluids and Drilling Waste Management field personnel and supervisors

Competency assessment

  • Assessment of key vendor and/or operator personnel against the specific requirements of the project


  • During a project TFS can provide a mentorship program to operator personnel specifically designed to provide support whilst competency is being built


Whilst TFS offer technical training courses in all of the product lines we support, our specialty is to provide training focused on specific project technical requirements, as well as performance and contract management.

Some of the courses we offer are:

  • Drilling Fluids Technology
  • Advanced Drilling Fluids Technology (Customisable to project specific topics such as Deepwater, HT-HP and ERD)
  • Solids Control and Drilling Waste Management
  • Contract and operations performance management