What is Fluids Advisor?

Fluids Advisor allows operators to simply utilise the power of their data, quickly highlights issues and allows timely corrective actions.

During the well construction process, a large amount of data relating to drilling fluids, drilling waste management, environmental and associated services is generated. However, typically this data is delivered to the operator in a format which makes meaningful analysis of the data slow and labour intensive. Existing drilling database and reporting applications record basic drilling fluids data but it is not sufficient enough to allow in-depth technical and business analysis. Service providers database applications are restricted to the services that they provide.

Multiple daily reports from different service providers do not provide clear indications of performance versus plan. Data from multiple fluids related services are often stored in different locations and in multiple different formats.

TFS’s unique Fluids Advisor business and technical intelligence software addresses these issues and allows operators to finally leverage the power of their data providing a huge range of information from daily performance dashboards through to sophisticated multiwall technical and financial analysis and  “what if ” project analysis.

Fluids Advisor provides data aggregation, and management, plus technical and financial performance analysis for all drilling fluids and drilling waste management products and services including those not carried out at the wellsite.


How it works

Project and well details, both technical and commercial, are entered prior to operations start-up and appropriate KPI’s are set (currently over 200 KPI’s are available). Historical data can be imported to allow performance comparison. During operations, data is pulled from the appropriate sources into the database. These operations can be completed by either TFS personnel or trained operator personnel. All approved operator personnel can view and analyse data via a web-based application.

Fluids Advisor also stores relevant Lessons Learned as well as all documentation including Programs, Daily Reports, End of Well Reports and Technical and Laboratory reports ensuring all relevant well documentation is linked and easily available.

A full list of the data gathered is shown below.

Drilling Waste Management


Shaker Screens

Equipment Performance and Costs (including):

  • Dryers
  • Centrifuges
  • Cuttings Reinjection
  • DKD/Pump and Dump
  • Filtration
  • Automatic Tank Cleaning
  • Dewatering
  • Thermal Desorption
  • Skip and Ship

Drilling Fluids

  • Full range of mud properties and mud report data
  • Products Usage
  • Volumes
  • Product Concentrations
  • Personnel costs
  • Liquid Mud Plant charges
  • Equipment Rental
  • Ancillary costs

Wellbore Clean-up

Environmental Compliance

  • OOC
  • Discharge Reports
  • Product Usage Data

Advantages of Fluids Advisor

Fluids Advisor software unleashes the power of your data.

Find out more

Daily Dashboards allows real-time monitoring of technical and financial performance across multiple product lines, and timely corrective action if required.


Allows one Subject Matter Expert to easily monitor performance on multiple wells or projects.


Technical and financial analysis across multiple wells or projects.


Cost estimates for future projects can be easily based on detailed historical data.


In house programming ensures customization of the dashboards and data analysis is straightforward.


Provides simple access to all documentation related to drilling fluids and associated services including programs, daily reports end of well reports, technical and laboratory reports as well as lessens learned.

The Dashboard

Daily Dashboards

Daily, Interval and Well dashboards.

Give a comprehensive and simple to read view of all aspects of the daily, interval and whole well performance, for drilling fluids drilling waste management and environmental services.


Easy to understand evaluation of technical environmental and financial performance against predetermined goals. Over 200 technical, financial and quality KPI’s can be set.

Avoids reading multiple reports.

Interval and Well dashboards are finalised the same day as the Interval or Well is completed or can be viewed at any time to monitor progress. No waiting for end of well reports to be submitted to assess performance.

Immediately highlights any performance issues or areas for improvement.

Includes costs incurred away from the wellsite which are often not reported.

Advanced Dashboards

Very comprehensive analysis of technical, environmental and financial data for a single well, across multiple wells or projects.

Analyse comparative performance of contracts, products and services.

“What if” financial analysis. For example, what if a historical well were drilled with current contract pricing?

Creation and analysis of financial models for tenders based on historical data.

Data from any dashboard can be exported to excel or in a customer specified database format if required.